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Treasure Immeasurable

There is a time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance (Ecclesiastes 3:4)

On this day, as with many, we laugh and we dance.  Today we celebrate the first birthday and precious life of our baby girl.  Born 1 year and 10 days after the birth and loss of our baby boy, she was born not in the shadows of that loss, but in the light of her own precious life.  At 4:00 a.m. she took her first breath at the break of day, arriving at the fisherman’s hour when first light is about to hit the waters.  My fisherman husband was proud of her hour of arrival.   We were both overjoyed she was with us – healthy, alive, real – grateful beyond words for our treasure of immeasurable worth.  On the year’s longest night, she is our bright light.

“Your righteousness, O God, reaches to the highest heavens.  You have done such wonderful things.  Who can compare with you, O God?  You have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but you will restore  me to life again and lift me up from the depths of the earth.  You will restore me to even greater honor and comfort me once again.  Then I will praise you with music on the harp, because you are faithful to your promises, O God.  I will sing for you with a lyre, O Holy One of Israel.  I will shout for joy and sing your praises, for you have redeemed me. “ Psalm 71: 19-23

The Head and the Heart (at Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Concert)

Music swathed over my parched dry soul tonight. I didn’t realize I was so thirsty.  Like a night of lovemaking after a dry spell, I didn’t know my body wanted this so badly.  Oh yes, this is good.   I was parched, and I drank deep from the flood of another’s God given creativity.  The opening band for Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds was The Head and The Heart.  I was mesmerized and amazed.
Sing it! Play it!  Loud! Fierce! Strong! So that I might feel it.  So that I can sing too.
Harmonies that elevated angelic, lyrics that spoke to themes universal yet seemingly only to me and as the pace of the song increased the woman who sang harmony and the rare solo started to bounce and clap, hard.  The music surged out of her so forcefully, so beautifully. That is when I started to cry; she couldn’t help it, neither could I. Her art resonated with my soul, but more I longed to live her passion; to sing out at the top of my lungs, body following, knowing, deep down knowing, this is what I am created to do.
I longed to be her, not the fame or the stage or the show of it, but to cry out the music of my life wholeheartedly.  It has been a long time since I have had a chance to worship; to sing out my praises and perils to God in song.  It is too simply stated that music speaks to our soul in profound ways.  I praise God for these gifts in others that pave the way for me to feel what has been clouded by the day to day.

Here is a sample of their sound, and fitting lyrics for this season and my season of life…