Prayers for the Camellia House

Remember the house with the camellia tree that felt like a dream come true? The seemingly obvious gift from God that fell through? You can read about it here. Well, it came back to us. The people who’d won it out from under us pulled out and in a blink we were given the choice to resubmit our offer before anyone else might. We took a few moments to pray and to talk about it over long distance phone calls, tried to remember what consoled us when we lost it before and considered saying no based on our good coping then. But we’d spent a few furious months living in a rental house with little room to host and no yard (which has been a huge blessing in itself) searching for houses and land, looking at properties, studying house plans, asking big questions of ourselves and of friends, always choosing the “new in the last 1 day” search choice each night on the real estate site. We’d made a few decisions, we’d narrowed in on our area and we’d arrived at our hoped for criteria which was space: space to host, and space to play, inside and out.

With a large family in the making and being a pastor’s family where we already love to host, we envisioned groups of people lingering over meals at our dining room table, kids running in the backyard with space for a worthwhile game of tag, tables and blankets on the lawn for the annual salmon feed we used to have at the end of the summer (the last one brought nearly 100 to our home, and that was pre-pastor days). In the house plans I conjured up for each new property that had potential, I always included a daylight basement that served no other purpose than to be a place where our local Young Life ministry could hold club. I worked for years as a Young Life team leader and in every area finding a good place to hold club was always a challenge. It would be such a gift to have this space to offer, where water balloons and whip cream and whatever other amazingly fun things they can think up to communicate God’s love for kids in fun and loving ways could happen freely. With bedrooms upstairs and our living space a main floor, why not let the foundation of the house be completely for ministry?

So, despite the work this house requires, we still see incredible value and said yes. Seeing potential in something and bringing that out is something I love to do! We are excited but trying to stay realistic. The short sale process is so complicated it is hard to even understand. It might not be ours no matter what we do because of the messy situation and multiple liens of the current owners that have to be resolved. We have yet to do an inspection and the cost to make it livable might be beyond our means. There are so many more reasons to rationally think it might not come together. But still we hope, and we pray every day. And for what it is worth (which is everything) we’d love you to pray too. We know there are far more important things in life to pray for, and that God’s plan will unfold and the purposes He has for us will happen regardless, but we also know God cares to hear our hopes and dreams and so we will share them as I am sharing this with you. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to join us for a salmon bbq next fall…that would come after the work party this spring:)

Will keep you posted…

One response to “Prayers for the Camellia House

  • Alysia Sheets Peterson

    We will be praying for your home, this topic is so close to us right now. Its a back and forth roller coaster ride of hoping and dreaming while being thankful and content with what we have and know. I know that God has big plans for you and I’m excited to see them unfold!

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