Pause Explained: Computer Problems (Argh!)

I have been on hiatus here every since I downloaded my Italy pictures to my laptop. I overloaded my hard drive (one theory – I am praying it is true and not something worse) and cannot get my pc to turn on. It was a dumb move. My laptop was running a little slow before I left so I took it in to the amazingly helpful mac store (seriously, amazingly helpful, kind, patient, speak in human) and the genius bar rep told me I just had way to many things on it, showed me how to get a good view of everything I had, brainstormed other ways of storing things with me and taught me how to run some regular diagnostics in the future. I felt affirmed, empowered and equipped to take care of my issues and move forward. What more could a therapist cask for from an IT session?

So, unthinking me, high on Italy, just added a ton of new documents for writing ideas, can’t wait to get blogging and show off some of the amazing Italian vistas and new faces in my life, forgets all this and downloads a boatload of new pictures. Crash!

Well, good ol’ genius bar guy at the Mac store gets me all set up again, again treats me like a semi-intelligent human being, even after I come in tail between my legs admitting I should have known better not to do this and actually teaches me how to rescue my own hard drive so that I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to someone who will look at me like I just fed my children cyanide. (whew that was a long sentence!)

So, that’s what I have been up to…transferring the entire contents of my hard drive (thousands of pictures, everything I have ever written of any significance (or insignificance), importance, work, creative or practical-life related. Let’s just say I said quite a heartfelt “Amen, thank you Lord!” when he showed me how it all could be retrieved.

That, and all the other tasks, duties, lovelies and grinds of life that I can’t wait to write about. So stay tuned…

* I am so excited to share more stories (and PICTURES) from Italy!
* I am in a season of transition and looking forward to sharing some thoughts, insights and questions around that.
* Always, there are pondering about parenting, faith, life as a mom, woman, child of God to share too – all locked away in that gold mine of a hard drive I am so diligently recovering. (The process is great by the way, such a good chance to de-clutter and take stock, much like moving, which I just did, so really this has kind of been a good life over haul for me.)

Be back soon!

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