Who has time?

Who has time to write anything when there are sick kids to care for? (in addition to everything else…) Who has time to write when there are healthy kids to care for?

An acquaintance of mine, a newlywed with no kids, once said “you have all the time you need” as a mantra for me to embrace. I liked it, I come back to it often, but on a day like today, or week like this week, with so much more than sick kids to take care of, I may have all the time I need but I don’t have all the time I want. Probably means my faith and/or contentment is lacking in some way, but it doesn’t make me feel better or do better to think that way.

Where is God in our ambitions, goals, hopes and dreams? Are we not to be trusted or is it the voice of God? I have a lot of theological and intellectual knowledge on the subject, but still, I really wonder…

I do appreciate the slow sweet nature of sick days for a bit, it’s just hard for me to let everything else fall apart. Can anyone else relate?

2 responses to “Who has time?

  • kristen gough

    yes, i can totally relate, and deeply. i hope you all start to feel well soon! my whole family has also been sick these past two weeks, and though at times it has felt isolating, i have also been blessed by the slowness, the togetherness, the times of quiet, and of course, the snuggles of my under-the-weather little boys.

    i struggle often with wanting time to write, too, heather… write in my journal, write for family and friends on my blog, write songs of worship, praise, and reflection. to write though also means time for me to be quiet and sort through my thoughts… and rare are these times for me as a mama of a two-year-old and a three-year-old. i find myself craving this time so badly because expressing this side of who i am feels so important and essential… so i just keep bringing my heart to the Lord, trusting that He will help me find my way with these things during this season of my life. it is hard! i love being a mom, and wouldn’t trade it for anything… but i also miss having more time to cultivate other gifts God has put in me, to bless others.

    your blog and your writing have been such a gift to me, heather. i am so very glad you are writing and sharing your words, your beautiful heart. i pray God’s blessings over you as you continue on this journey… as a woman, a wife & mother, a friend, and a writer. you are sharing light, and bringing glory to Jesus!

    • allthingshopedfor

      Kristen, thank you for so eloquently expressing what was on my heart; the absolute love, devotion and gratitude for my kids and also the desire to pursue the other pieces of passion and purpose in my life, all gifts from God, all opportunities to worship and honor Him, all things hoped for…
      thank you for cultivating and expressing your gifts of writing, singing and leading worship, they have have blessed me immensely!!!

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