Take My Breath – a Poem to Bird

You are brand new today!

this day your three hundred and twenty first


you’re sound asleep

I tiptoe in

careful not to break

your sacred rest


can’t help myself

just a quick peek

oh my!

there you are!

I’ve missed you!

all these long hours of the night


like days and days have passed

my heart bulges

in the cavity where you fit best


my face smiles wide

with one deep full breath

my fingers fold beneath my chin

arms clenched across my chest


I take you in

you are life,




and it is my first taste of sugar,

first blazing sunset doubled over still waters,

Christmas morning, and I am 5


sweet colorful joy


it is you!

and oh,

how I adore


One response to “Take My Breath – a Poem to Bird

  • Lisa

    I love this! I can totally relate this to B (well to all of them, but most recently and presently B). I share the same feelings but not the eloquence to put it into words, let alone a poem. Just lovely.

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